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Tay Van Doan


I was seven when I came to Denmark. I grew up here and see Denmark as my home. When I was young, I felt more like a Dane, but as I have visited Vietnam several times, I have become aware of the other side of me. Today I am fond of the cultural gift that my parents gave me. Back home we always played a lot of Vietnamese music, and it means that today I also know that part of Vietnam. Nevertheless, I will always feel more Danish and belong in Aalborg. This is where I live with my family, work as a waiter, where my friends live. They are childhood friends and they mean a lot to me. We play together. I collect magic cards, and I have a unique collection. I got one of my friends to make a nice wooden box – a “cube” – for the cards. I have about a thousand of the most unusual foil-cards in it. They are all different. I love my cards, because they allow me to play.

Throughout my childhood I dreamt of playing. But money was tight, so there was nothing left for toys. I think that is the reason why I am still like one big playful child. When we celebrate Vietnamese holidays and festivals, I am usually the one in charge of entertaining the children. Now that I am about to become a father myself, I look forward to that. Earlier this year I got married in Vietnam, and it was great to be able to invite my friends over for the wedding.

33 / male / married / waiter / Aalborg / from Vietnam / came to Denmark in 1992 / residence permit 1992

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