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Zahra Mahamud Ali


It was winter when I came to Denmark. There was snow and ice and it was cold. I was sad, because I had no clothes for this kind of weather. I came from a country where the temperature is always 30- 40 degrees.

I felt sad at the asylum centre. I met people who had lived there for nine years, and I feared that I would end up like them. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

My children were born in Denmark. I had good experiences at the hospital. My kids are the most important thing to me. Here they are safe.

As a female journalist in Somalia, life is dangerous. I saw many of my colleagues being killed. I couldn’t stay in the country.

I am an open-minded and flexible person and I like to help others. I am Deputy Chairman of Viborg Municipality’s integration council - and I find that if you ask for help, you get it.

I am a Muslim, I pray five times a day, and I try to adhere to Somali culture. But we live in Denmark, so we celebrate birthdays, even if you don’t in Somalia.

I am happy because I am in Denmark. We are healthy and I have beautiful children. And my kids love rice pudding. I shall never forget that Denmark has accepted us.

In ten years, I hope that the politicians have stopped changing the rules of immigration all the time. I hope that they don’t tighten any more.

34 / female / children / job seeker / worked as a journalist in Somalia / Viborg / from Somalia / came to Denmark 2009 / residence permit 2010

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