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Henok Goitom

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There are many things that are different in Denmark compared to Africa, but I do not feel particularly foreign. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm at 8 if you ask how happy I am here. If I got an education and a better job, I'd probably say 10.

I like my life in Esbjerg, but I don't think people greet each other so much in Denmark. Or even smile. In Africa, we are extremely social, and sometimes I miss all the joy, singing and dancing we have in Eritrea. People are a bit stuffy here, until you get to know them. In my homeland we are ruled by a dictatorship, and we’re controlled and even beaten by soldiers, and er’re also forced to work for the state. There is no future for a young man, so I knew I had to flee. My mother cried when I said goodbye, and then I walked for three days to get to Sudan.

I dream of becoming a mechanic and having three or four children. My grandfather was a mechanic, and I have always had a huge interest in cars. If money wasn't a problem, then I would really like to have a Ferrari. There’s something quite special about that car.

I go regularly to something called The Male Club, where we enjoy playing pool, cooking and speaking Danish. I also play football and go to fitness. And then I love going out to the sea at Hjerting with my son. Just him and me. These are special times.

26 / male / in a relationship / children / dishwasher at Dronning Louise / Esbjerg / from Eritrea / came to Denmark as a political refugee in 2015 / residence permit in 2016

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