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Khudur Farhan

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Regardless of where in the world I live in, I feel like a human being and a part of the people of the world. I feel like part of the country where I live. Therefore, I now feel like part of Denmark.

I am the last asylum seeker left on Bornholm. When I lived at the asylum centre, I got a job through the Danish Immigration Service and the Red Cross. Therefore, I was also allowed to have my own address. Usually, asylum seekers cannot get jobs or housing.

I have an employment card that gives me legal residence for a year. Every six months I have to verify that I still have a job. I am told by the lawyer that Denmark cannot send me back because my life will be in danger in Iraq. I was imprisoned in Iraq because of the Sunni-Shia conflict.

My work means everything to me, and I am deeply, deeply grateful to my employer. He gave me a job despite me being an asylum seeker. I have no idea where I'll be in five years. I can't even see myself in five minutes because my life is full of uncertainty. But as a wish and a dream, I see myself in five years in this house and with the same job. I don't see myself here in five years. But I hope to.

The hardest thing in my life is that I don't have a CPR number. Without it, I'm not sure I can stay here. My big wish and my dream is to get a CPR number. Apart from that, there is nothing which is difficult. There is no war here, and I feel worth as much as the king himself.

50 / male / divorced / children / works at Bornholm Valsemølle / Aakirkeby / from Iraq / came to Denmark in 2015 / residence permit in 2016 and 2018 / got employment card with right to one year's stay in 2019

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