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Fourat Khaled


I want to remain in Denmark for the rest of my life. I want to open my own shop, have children and a family. I don't want to be a foreigner. I respect Denmark as much as my home country, Kurdistan, and I’ve got the Danish flag tattooed on my arm.

I do fitness training nearly every day. I want my whole body to look good. I train one or two muscles a day with three sets of 8-12 repetitions, and when I do the last hard ones I think: “This is what I do for the future!” I would like to get an education as a personal trainer. I like to help people with their training, I know how to do the exercises and how to vary them. And it has also given me a wide circle of friends around here.

Here I have a good job and my own flat. My everyday life is very disciplined. Work, home, workout. I meet new people at the gym, I get out and keep myself fit rather than sitting at home eating crisps and wine gums. I have been in Denmark for five years and I like it here. A year ago, I visited my brother in Sweden. I was supposed to have been there for a week, but after three days I got the train back home. I felt homesick, simple as that. My future lies here. I have both the Danish and the Kurdish flag standing on the shelf.

Fourat Khaled / 23 / male / single / no children / works in a clothing store / Aabenraa /Kurdish from Kurdistan / fled in 2014 / residence permit 2014

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