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Ghirmai Berhane


It is hard to feel Danish. I like the society and the culture, but I feel insecure when the rules are constantly being changed. I have been a Christian all my life, but it is as if all strangers are perceived as Muslims.

We have very few things. Most of them were given to us by Danish friends. I only bought two things myself, a couch and a dishwasher. I don’t need things. I have the peace in the heart that Jesus has given me. As a human being, I am strong and optimistic, and I feel grateful to be here with my wife and my two children.

There has been war in my homeland throughout my life. My mother is my hero, she is my mirror. She made sure I didn’t get into the military, but could escape to Ethiopia. But I miss her. I haven’t seen her for more than 14 years.

I lived in a refugee camp until I, along with 360 others, took the trip across the Mediterranean in a small boat. When I came to Denmark, I tried to ask for directions to a police station, but most people didn’t know the way. In my home country, there are police officers on just about every street corner.

I don’t understand the Danish humour. When I hear a joke, I laugh when others laugh - and then I laugh again when I understand it.

I want to work, and I dream of one day having my own company. My family means a lot to me. In my home country it is common to have many children, but it is expensive here in Denmark. There is still unrest in my own country and I cannot return home. I think God helped me get here.

37 / male / married / children / training to become a locksmith / trained surveyor / Rødkærsbro / from Eritrea / temporary residence permit in 2015

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