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Hassan Nur Wardere


What percentage foreign I feel? Weird question, I mean, it’s not like I’m from outer space! Denmark is my home, but the country has most certainly changed and not for the better. The society is more closed off, so one could say that Denmark has become foreign to itself.

My family is scattered across the globe, so it’s fortunate that my wife has such a lovely family. They all met me with open arms and without any prejudice. Her paternal grandfather is probably the most fantastic person I have ever met. He was an artist, and during WWII he created a lot of political art. He ended up in a concentration camp, and his story touched me deeply.

My wife’s family are all very tolerant, which probably has something to do with all of them having a socialist mindset. Her paternal grandmother would always give her children black and white dolls to play with, so they would grow up not judging people by the colour of their skin. The values I promote and act upon are what I would consider universal values: humanity, equality and freedom. And they are the reason I’m politically active. I fight for all to have equal opportunities based on humanity. I think everyone are good, deep inside, well, born good. What may change a human being is their upbringing and the structure of the society. So you must return the things to the society that can bring back the good in people again.

51 years / male / in a relationship / children / pedagogue / København Ø / from Somalia / came to Denmark in 1991 / residence permit same year

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