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Hassan Sultan Hajem


In a way one could say that my life didn’t start until I arrived in Denmark. This is where I trained as an IT support technician, a dream I had always had. I met my wife at the Technical University of Denmark, and together we have created a lovely home and family. If I had the chance to choose again, I would still choose Denmark.

My family means everything to me. I have three beautiful daughters and I spend most of my spare time with them. My wife and I talk with our girls a lot. Together we have created some values which give them the opportunity to become sensible individuals. We support and encourage their hobbies. We now have an avid tennis player, one who likes drawing and a bookworm in the family.

Many parents do not think their children understand that it is healthier for them to develop and focus on their interests rather than going out every weekend trying to pose as adults. Communication is paramount. It is important to take the time to listen to your children and talk with them about these issues. And of course you must also be a good role model for them. I have managed to get a good education, I have been self-employed for 11 years, travelled and had a nice time with my family, and I use a lot of my spare time with voluntary work like counting ballots and helping out during the Kulturnat festival.

42 year / male / in a relationship / children / freelance IT-supporter and web-designer / Copenhagen NV / from Iraq / came to Denmark in 1995 / residence permit in 1996

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