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Jeyanthan Jeevaratnam


I'm Tamil, no matter what. At the same time, I feel very Danish. I live in Denmark, and I respect the Danish laws and regulations.

I'm very helpful. If I spot a homeless person I help them or buy the homeless magazine from them, and I support television fundraising shows. Each time I have given, I have always received more in return. Personally, I get a certain energy from giving.

It's not that I have a high income. I have an education that could land me a job in the financial sector and earn more. But being a social educator and working with autistic people gives me something else.
When I have been on holiday and return to work, I get big hugs. "Oh, I have missed you" they will say. It's not a joy you get by sitting in front of a computer for eight hours.

It can also be a general feeling of having done well at my work. It is a meaningful work. If a resident does not feel well, I can go in and change their day so they get better. It can make me happy.
I was under a huge pressure from my parents who wanted me to become a doctor. Then you get a little rebellious. I moved away from home, completely and utterly confused, until I started working with people and felt the joy of it, and a friend said to me, "Jey. You must work with people”. Everyone - parents, uncles and aunts, were disappointed. I don’t want to continue that with my daughter. I want to be proud of her, and help her find out what she likes. My parents are proud that I bought my own house.

35 / male / married / one child / social educator / Herning / from Sri Lanka / family reunification in 1995 / Danish citizenship in 2004

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