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Malek Tokaj


The Danish language is a key that can open many different doors. I often say that I did not come to Denmark until I started learning Danish. Every time I hear a new word, I look it up in the Danish dictionary. I just found out my favorite swear word is no longer considered a swear word.

I’m mad about big machines. In Syria I drove a truck and worked in a workshop at a train station in Homs, where I repaired locomotives. Therefore, the municipality provided me with an internship with DB Cargo in Taulov, and when I finished my internship, I got a job there. I love my work, where I run the big machines that load containers on freight trains.

The three machines I drive are called Egon, Benny and Keld. My colleagues gave me the Olsen Banden films as a present. I really like Olsen Banden, and I especially like Egon. For example, when he says to Benny and Kjeld "No, we're not going home! We're moving on!" I have also watched Matador, and many other old Danish films, and they have taught me a lot about the Danish language and the Danish traditions.

I am also fond of animals, and have previously had both dog, cat and birds. Now I have 7 birds: 5 goldfinches and 2 canaries. At the moment I am preparing the eldest male bird and the eldest female to producing chicks. If you train the chicks from an early age, you can get them domesticated. In Syria, I had a goldfinch that flew after me when I walked around and it sat down on my finger as soon as I stuck it up.

Malek Tokaj / 29 / male / single / train terminal worker / from Syria / came to Denmark in 2015 / asylum same year

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