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Mohamud Hirad Suleiman Hassan


I guess I feel 50 percent like a Somali and 50 percent like a Dane. I sometimes miss Somalia, but I'm actually happy in Denmark. I also feel extremely lucky, because I have had a new kidney transplanted, and it would have been really difficult for me to live with my kidney disease in Africa. There are many things I like about Denmark. For example, rye bread with cheese.

I think the Danish media focuses too much on groups rather than on individuals. The tone has also become louder, I think. When I came to Denmark, there were also racists, but if you said it to people, they said: "no no, I'm not". Today, there are many who are almost proud to be racists. It's very scary, I think. It reminds me of what we saw in Germany during the second World War. Those with power, the government and the media, they have a huge responsibility for the tone being so harsh, I think.

I really like playing chess, because you have to use your brain. There’s a lot of strategy involved , and you have to be able to see several moves ahead. I love when it gets really difficult, because then it's challenging for me. I also go to the Somali Association, where there is a good friendly atmosphere, we play table football and we go biking together. I have nine children and many grandchildren. They enrich the life of my wife and I, and I am glad to see that they are all doing well. In general, I try to be happy. You get the best out of life that way, I think. In Somalia, people are generally extremely happy, and constantly try to look on the bright side. So do I in fact. I don't think you have to take things so seriously.

Mohamud Hirad Suleiman Hassan / 58 / male / married / children / early retirement / Esbjerg / Somalia / came to Denmark in 1994 / residence permit in 1996

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