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Mohamud Mohamed Omar


I may be a Danish citizen, but I am not Danish. This does not mean that I feel foreign or that I am dissatisfied with Denmark. It is just that I don’t need to be Danish. Besides, does it really matter if you feel Danish, as long as you feel at home and engage in society?

In the West we have too much of the things we don’t need. The Tiger chain store and Black Friday are prime examples of the abundant society. The shops are full of stuff which nobody needs, and people form long queues to buy stuff that they can easily do without. The West is good for rights and equality and things like that, but not for people to meet up and talk with one another. There is a large surplus in the West, so people have time to look into themselves. Therefore it is not weird at all that so many suffer from depression. If I look inward for long enough, I will probably find something too to be unhappy with. The ‘60s are famous for people searching for themselves, but it was more legit then, because their inward search was also a rejection of something external. Many refused to be part of the system.

Today self-realisation has lost the socially critical element, and that is a shame, because there is much to criticise. 2% of the world’s population own 80% of the world’s resources. Half of the world’s population die from obesity and the other half from hunger. It is gross and absurd. The curve must be broken.

30 years / male / in a relationship / construction manager / Glostrup / from Somalia / came to Denmark in 1998 / residence permit in 2000

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