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Rasha Khalife


In my bedroom I have two stones. A small one and another one a bit bigger. To others they probably don’t look much, but to me they mean the world. The little one represents what I want to be, the big one represents hope. They are both from Palestine, the place I come from, but which I never set foot in until this year. My grandparents fled in 1948, so until my family came to Denmark nearly 30 years ago, they lived in the United Arab Emirates.

I have always felt 100% at home in Denmark, but I have also taken a lot of interest in Palestine. Earlier this year I finally plucked up the courage to join an organised tour of the West Bank. The trip compelled me to engage myself 100% in the Palestinian cause – here.

My parents are a bit uneasy about my commitment, but they don’t have to be. After the journey, I feel even more at home in Denmark. This is where I belong and where I have the freedom to be an activist.

And activism is precisely what the two stones in my bedroom symbolise. The little one was picked up outside Ahed Tamimis’ house in Nabi Salih. I admire Ahed’s courage. She is only half my age but has twice the courage. I picked the other and bigger stone up from my country. It symbolises hope of a better future for Palestine. The two stones are in my home, in my town and in my country. They mean everything to me and help build bridges between my two cultures.

33 / female / single / interpreter/ Aalborg / from Palestine/UAE / came to Denmark in 1988 / residence permit 1988

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