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Sediqa Sediqi


I miss nothing from Afghanistan. Sometimes when I sleep, I return there in my dreams, and every time I wake up, I am glad it was just a dream. I like to exercise. My husband and I usually go to the gym five nights a week, but right now I'm getting a driver’s license and the driving lessons are in the evening, so I don’t get there that often. When I am at the fitness center, I use all the different machines, both treadmills and weights. When I lived in Afghanistan, there were not many opportunities for women to exercise.
It is quite impossible to compare Denmark to Afghanistan. Especially my children had many dreams about what they were going to do in the future, but in Afghanistan they would never have their dreams fulfilled, but they have been given a chance here in Denmark.

I myself dream of being able to enjoy my life and contribute to the Danish society - and I would very much like to see that my children's dreams come true. When my children are happy, I’m happy. My daughters have started giving me recipes for Danish dishes because they think I spend too much time in the kitchen. Many Afghan dishes take a long time to cook, so it is faster with the Danish dishes. However, when we have guests, I still stick to serving Afghan food and make a little more effort. The first time I had rye bread, I didn't like it at all. But because I have problems with my stomach, I am not allowed to eat white bread, so now I eat almost just rye bread. One can say that I have got used to it.

Sediqa Sediqi / 55 / woman / married / children / internship at a kindergarten / from Afghanistan / came to Denmark in 2011 / asylum in 2017

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