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Teame Habtom Khasai


I came to Denmark in 2015 and Skagen in 2016, but it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that my wife joined me in Skagen. She is now at language school, which also could sort of be said of our 3-year old daughter, who is at the crib where all the other children are Danish. Later she will go to kindergarten, where she will learn Danish from the other children, so she will probably end up learning the language faster than my wife and me.

I hope that I one day will get to work with metals, preferably as a car mechanic, but the prospects are not in my favour at the moment, because I only just learned from the council that I had to stop going to technical school while also going to language school. Instead they found me a job at the Danish Crown meat processing plant in Sæby. I have to take that job, but I really hope that when I have become better at speaking Danish, I can return to the technical school, even if I have to work at Danish Crown, My wife and I have realised that we shall live here in the future, but the way it looks now, we are not sure we can remain in Skagen, because it is far from my work in Sæby. So, it may be necessary for us to move to Frederikshavn or to Sæby.

22 / male / married / child / Danish Crown / Skagen / from Eritrea / came to Denmark in 2015 / residence permit same year

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