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Thavayogavanian Kangaivereraniyan (Thava)


I can still wake up at night when I have nightmares about my home country. They will probably never go away. And I can’t sleep if I don’t wear my special pajama.

Three years ago, we visited Sri Lanka together with my daughter’s Danish friend. Things have changed, but there is still military everywhere.

I love warm liver pate - and I eat pork and meatballs with pleasure. On Saturdays we always make Danish food. We love that. On Sundays we make Tamil food. Then I have a couple of beers. It would be difficult to make do without the Tamil food with rice and curry.

I love my job. I have been working there for 23 years. I have experienced crises and the implementation of cost-saving measures at Grundfos, but I have never been fired.

I didn’t like Mogens Glistrup, but I often agree with Pia Kjærsgaard, even though I am an immigrant. The elderly have built the community and they deserve to be treated decently.
I follow the Danish society. I love to watch DR1 - and I always watch Debatten with Clement. And I am planning to watch all the Matador episodes, even if there are many of them. But I also watch TV from India and Sri Lanka.

Eight years ago, I got a Scottish Wesley Highlander from my daughter. Danes spend a lot of money on their pets. Now I see why. I don’t know where we will be in ten years. But I am sure we will be bored stiff when we no longer have to work.

53 / male / married / children / warehouse worker / Bjerringbro / from Sri Lanka / came to Denmark 1986 / Danish citizen 1993

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