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Weini Essak


All days are alike. I may bake some bread or cook with the people I live with, or take a walk into town, where I often meet up with some of my friends. We spend a nice time together down by the creek, drink coffee or play volleyball. I love that. It is good for me being in Randers. The town is quiet. I go to language school on a ‘Wild with Danish’ course, eat, meet up with friends. I hope with all my heart that I can get a good life here and maybe one day be reunited with my family.

Eritrea is an unsafe country because of its dictatorship, oppression and random detentions. My mum and dad got separated from each other, my younger sister has been in prison for 2½ years even though she is a minor. I had to flee alone. It is three years since I saw my mother.

What I want the most is returning to my family, but I dare not even dream of that. Most important for now is getting a proper job so I can start earning money and save up.
I have had some job training in a shop. I liked that very much. When I hold a paint brush in my hands, I unleash my fantasy, so who knows, one day I may become a painter? But I am also a fairly stable cook. My mother taught me, and inside myself I think that one day it may be possible for me to open up a café in Randers where I can serve Eritrean coffee and homemade food for the guests.

23 / female / single / Randers / from Eritrea / came to Denmark in 2015 / residence permit in 2015

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